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Yoga Fitness

Yoga Fitness is a 100% non-impact activity that can challenge you no matter your current fitness level. No prior experience with yoga is required. Each class offers guided instruction, including demonstration and verbal queuing, through a continuous flow of basic yet challenging poses. Classes are structured to provide these important components every single time:

  • Sun Salutations and vinyasa flow style increase heart rate making the yoga aerobically challenging
  • Sustained isometric contractions required of the large and small muscle groups in standing poses
  • Concentric and eccentric work moving in and out of postures increases strength and endurance
  • Balance poses require co-activation of core stabilizing muscles, increasing stability and strength throughout the trunk
  • Use of the 3 Mountain Format to appropriately warm and oxygenate the muscles for maximal benefit from deep flexibility poses in Mountain III
  • The mind is also being trained to stay focused for the duration of the class (and to let go of the ego - expectations, competition and judgment
  • At all times, variations for poses are encouraged to promote a safe and rewarding practice

Hi, Laurie here!

Instructor Laurie Roberson

An introverted yoga enthusiast, I’ve spent years on the mat working out my “kinks” so that I can help others work on theirs.

Yoga allows me to live my best life and be my true, authentic self. It took me a long time and a whole lot of wonderful help to understand what those words really meant.

I became a yoga teacher to be a part of helping others better understand themselves as well.

Class Fees

  • $10/Class
  • Ages 13 and older

Current Schedule

   Weekdays coming soon



   Flow 9:00am - 10:00am

Contact Information

Location: 25 68th Avenue N, Suite C, Coopersville, MI 49404 Map
Phone: 231.519.2817
Instagram: @being_bhakti

Doing what we can with what we have,
where we are and in this moment

  • Increase flexibility, strength, balance and power
  • Release of stress, inner peace, calm and tranquility and the opportunity to handle life better
  • Increased Mind/Body Connection
  • Compliment, Supplement any current exercise regimens
  • Exploring these challenges in a Safe, Comfortable, Non-Competitive Environment without chanting or ohms
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