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Pro-Karate is one of Michigan's oldest & finest Martial Arts schools. Choose to be your personal best by becoming one of our members.



Professional Karate is the place for superior martial arts training. We pride ourselves in our system, which has a base in traditional karate while having the advantage of utilizing modern martial arts training.

We are not a fitness facility, although we have fitness classes. We are not an MMA gym, although we have successful MMA fighters. We are not street fighting thugs, although we teach street self-defense.

We ARE a facility and a faculty that teaches our members to be better. We teach you how to be fit, to be tough, to walk away when you can and to defend yourself when you have to. We teach you how to always try your best and to never accept less.

When you get serious about real martial arts training, call us.


  • Ages 5 - 7


  • Ages 7 - 13


  • Ages 13 and older

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