Pro-Karate Coopersville

Pro-Karate is one of Michigan's oldest & finest Martial Arts schools. Choose to be your personal best by becoming one of our members.


About Us

Pro-Karate Coopersville opened in 2010, joining the Pro-Karate family as the fifth location for our programs in West Michigan.

Pro-Karate Coopersville is dedicated to helping individuals to become the best possible person they can become, to help our members foster a strong sense of "family" and to help our community to be a place of acceptance, tolerance and strength.

Chief Instructor Ed Taylor will expertly guide you through your training. Regardless of your gender, age, experience or athletic ability Sensei Taylor can help you improve your confidence, endurance, flexibility, strength and more!

Why would you want less? Call us today and schedule a free trial class and see the Pro-Karate difference.

Contact Information

Location: 25 68th Avenue N, Suite C, Coopersville, MI 49404 Map
Phone: 616.340.3852
Main Office: 616.538.5222
Facebook: Professional Karate Coopersville
Sensei Taylor
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